Every nation has its patriotic history and all these historical records play a role of inspiration for that nation future youth. We can see all these records in the patriotic gallery in various forms. We can see these historical records in the form of patriotic artwork which is a collection of all the pictures, images prints which shows the landmark stages of the formation of that nation.


In patriotic artwork, we can see pictures, images, photo albums, patriotic art gallery of some memorable incidents. These artwork is a collection of historical freedom movement, battles of various freedom fighters, autobiography of some powerful leaders, theor contribution to the freedom fight. For instance, we can see various pictures, telfilms, images of French Revolution and American Revolution which is considered as the patriotic artwork for the nation which is ruled by other nation. So that artwork collection really perform a role of patriotisom for that country.


We can consider The subject like History all its curriculum contents as a patriotic artwork because this subject is the showcase of land marking and memorable incidents.


There are various patriotic sites which provides online gallery of all patriotic artwork and we can download and purchase also. This collection contain pictures of national flag, national symbol, reading material on constitutional history, historical places of such country, related autobiography of famous leaders and powerful personalities of that nation. This collection is called as patriotic collection because that inspire and encourage us to donate out excellence for development of the nation. So that why every nation has a collection of patriotis artwork for its youth citizens.


Also historical museum also one part of patriotic artwork. In such collection several historical material like historical monument, famous battles swords, designs of historical palaces, historical record of powerful kingdom, pictures of powerful kings and their kingdom. The famous seven wonders are also part of patriotic artwork because by this artwork there is a feeling of proud ness in that citizen of that nation. So patriotic artwork like Statue of Liberty and TajMahal gives a feeling of proud ness for American and Indian citizens.


The main objective of this patriotic artwork collection is that we can encourage and admire several remarkable artists, painters, photographers, designers who makes such fascinating artwork. Also by purchasing these patriotic deigns, clip arts, paintings and pictures, we gives tribute to land marking achievements of our nation and the legendary personalities who contribute in nation's success.


There are some partriotic sites which collects all material related to nation's glory. So such sites and its online collection is a part of patriotic artwork. In that artwork we can find a collection of proudest and patriotic picture album of such nation.


By this picture album, we can view all the remarkable, fascinating patriotic images from various categories. That contain patriotic collection like proudest events, monuments, animals, flags, leaders, proudest government organization, scenery, tourist spots and many more.


Sometimes these patriotic artwork makes that citizen very emotional by various tragical online pictures which are the tragic historic incidents. But these tragic incidents like 9/11 attack on WTC IN American history helps to make a bond of strong relationship and patriotic feeling among citizens of such nation.