Gothic artwork began from Romanesque period in the mid of 12th century in the France. Generally this artwork is found in the cathedrals. The art grew towards a more secular and natural style that is known as International Gothic. From 14th century to 15th century this was International Gothic but after this period the art turned in to the Renaissance art. Medium of the primary gothic art was sculptures, stained glass, panel painting, fresco and illuminated manuscript.


Gothic artwork narrates the story through the pictures and these stories were about Christian as well as secular. Previous gothic was about the Christian sculptures generally crafted on the walls of monasteries and cathedrals. Nature of the gothic was typology in nature. These were showing the stories of new evidence and old facts side by side. The arts change the images of Byzantine to Virgin Mary as well as human and loving mother hugging her baby influential from her hip. The art also showed redefined manner of well born noble courteous lady.


During the period of formation of cities and foundation of universities Secular art came in to focus. In this period of time the art became famous as bourgeois were able to support the art. Commission work of bourgeois helped in painting progression and illuminated manuscripts. During this time phase literature was encouraged the representation of secular themes in art was included to increase literacy among the people. Growth of the cities also increased trade guilds and artist were often tried to become member of this painters guilds. Increased number of the membership in the painter's guild gave many artists and better records.


It is considered that in the middle of 12th century Abbot Suger gave birth to Gothic sculpture by building the abbey at St. Denis in France. Previously there were no any sculpture tradition in the lle-de-France and these sculptors were brought in the form of Burgundy. They invented revolutionary figures acting as columns in the western cathedrals. This invention was considered as the replica for a generation of sculptures.


Later on these ideas spread in Germany and then all over the world. The gothic paintings did not appear till 12th century and after about 50 years of Gothic architecture and sculptors Gothic paintings came in the limelight. Begging style of these painting was abstemious, touching and shady than previous period. This change in style occurred previously in England and France around in 12th century and in Germany it found in 1220 and in about 13th century it occur in Italy.


During this period the paintings primarily crafted on frescos,manuscript illumination,panel paintings and stained glass. In Southern Europe, frescoes were used as the pictorial narration craft on the cathedral walls. This was continuation of the Romanesque and Christian tradition. While in North side stained glass was in choice during 15th century.


Italy firstly began the panel painting in the 13th century and then it spread all over Europe, and till 15th century it was dominant.