Thousands years back Europe was Celtic England ruled over by Celts. They had developed the fantastic Celtic artwork. This artwork contains spiral, knot works, animal forms and interlacing patterns.


In 450 BC the Celtic artwork was brilliantly developed with swirling spirals and hidden faces of animals and human. The designs were made with the help of compasses and French curves were used in this Era. Then the knot works were introduced in Celtic arts in early Christian era. In late Christian era the Celtic artwork was used in gold, silver etc to make the finest jewelry.


Hallstatt is the first style in Celtic art that includes geometric designs. La Tene style includes leaf work and spiral designs. These designs specialize in developing faces which may appear and disappear. This is the cleverest method used in Celtic arts.


Knot work is the most famous style in Celtic art. Trinity knot has three knots weaving through itself or through number of strips. Spiral style may look like swirls double, triple or quadruple designs. They are mingled with one another like the English alphabet S or C.


Zoomorphic is that style in which animal shape like snake, bird, salmon and lion are used. The birds will normally be peacock or eagle. The early Celtic artwork did not use the shape of dragon. However modern Celtic art uses dragon in its design. The animals are normally designed as twisted with one another and therefore it resembles the knot work style to some extent.


Maze style is just like spiral designs and step style appears like tiles. People are also designed in Celtic artwork with different hair styles and dressings.


Generally, the Celtic art styles provide some symbolic representation. Knot work depicts the inter connectivity of life and human in the universe. Similarly the spirals define the personal spirit and it also determines the importance of holy sprits. Maze and steps style refers to journey of life. In Zoomorphic every animal depicts one quality. Lion stands for strength, Snakes for rebirth, Peacocks for purity and so on.


The Celts normally displayed their artwork in metal. Celtic jewelry had minute designs which were the finest artwork of Celts.


Irish Celtic artwork is more famous than other countries in Europe. Though Celts lived in England, Spain and France apart from Ireland, Irish Celtic art has great impact all over the world. The Irish art combines the knots, crosses etc. Celtic Crosses were the powerful symbols and so they are used even now in various art works. The Irish Celtic artworks reached its apex in the period of Vikings.


The Celtic artworks are one of the rich heritages in the world. The original Celtic art by a brilliant artist Jen Dellyth are developed to depict the Earth's mysteries and mythologies. The Celtic tree of life is the most famous creation of Jen Dellyth. You can get the Tree of life artworks by this artist through online. These artworks come with signature of the artist. Every tree depicts some symbolic representation in a dark background. Tree worship was famous among Celts. Therefore, the artist selects the tree base to illustrate various myths in the world.