Firefighter artwork is the artwork dedicated to the firefighters who are brave professionals. They have helped save lives of many innocent people. Therefore, firefighter artwork is the tribute to the sacrifice done by them. Generally, these artworks are created to lift up the memories of firefighters. There is range of artwork available in the galleries that will decor your interior along with your feelings about them.


Some of the firefighter artworks are produced in the memory of the heroes who lost their lives in the terrorist attack of 11 Sept. 2001. Therefore, some segment of earnings from the rummage sale of the prints is being donated to the children fund of police and firefighters killed in the attack. The size of the work is available in standard size of 20"X16" with the image area is about 18 1/2" X 13 3/4".


Certain pictures are produced in such way that they will help to explain the situations of invisible assistance or power that helps the person to rescue him or herself from fire. Main feature of the picture is the dragon and change in the color of smoke. Main theme of the work is command of angels concerning person in fire to guard him in all his ways. This work has been published in the year 2005. Work is available in standard size of 18" X 20" on the acid free cover stock.


One of the firefighter paintings presents four powerful heroes entering the wall of fire. Painting shows how they courageously and tirelessly struggle and eventually defeat dragon that is their common enemy. This painting brought in the year 2001 in smart size of 18" X 27". The actual image size is 15 1/4" X 24". The frame is double-matted behind acrylic. Construction of the frame is from mahogany or cherry wood.


Some of the paintings have shown how firefighters serve and defend from release to wild land fire, to structural fires as well as emergency medical services. Total size of the frame is 21" X 19" where as image area is about 19 1/2" X 18". The frame is matted and mounted behind acrylic.


To save a life and deliver them from harms often firefighter scarifies their own life. This picture has been showed under the title of 'Deliverance'. This painting shows how a firefighter liberates a child from arms of fire. This frame is often found single matted.They are available in shades of gray and black core behind acrylic. Frame is metallic and available in the size of 14" X 19".


Some of the painting are in honor of braves whom the ultimate scarification of their life. This painting is in the memory of Emmetsburg MD. This painting is dedicated in year 1981. Total area of the image is 15" X 21" and the frame is in the size of 17 1/2" X 23". This frame is double matted behind acrylic and framed in the mahogany.