There are many legends associated with dragon artwork. These are stories associated with dragon artwork. The dragon artwork used to tell stories in older days. The dragon artwork used to create stories in pictorial format rather to use words.


There are many mythological stories behind the dragon artwork, the most common story is, some people wanted to replace tiger as the king of the animals. People uses dragon to represent their ambitions etc. Another story behind dragon artwork is that one of the Chinese jade emperor had to make a decision whether to create a dragon or a tiger as the king of animal kingdom but ultimately had chosen dragon as a king of water and tiger as the king of the earth.


The dragon artwork includes several available features such as clipart, bars, icons, animations etc.

Dragon artwork consist dragon galleries such as dungeon draft, dragon horde, dragon tattoos and other galleries.

The dragon draft contains drago artwork, you can draw back and white dragon draft, eastern dragons and computer drawn dragons.


Dragon artwork can be use for online comics in which dragons can play a major role. You can enjoy great stories of dragons while you are reading. These styles called comic strip styles, which are available online to read. There are many kinds of dragons tattoos use in comics such as catharsis comics, urban dragon comics, shallow knights and dex lives.


If you are thinking of dragon tattoos than you can see some difference between eastern and western tattoos, for instance eastern dragons have regarded as benevolent protector of people, dispenser of life-giving in water , herald of fertility and good fortune. The western dragons on other side considered as an evil creature, which can destroy villages and can, do lot of destruction.


The origin of dragon art has started from various oriental countries such as Japan, china, Korea and Taiwan. In these countries dragon considered as a supreme spiritual power also people can see their dragon artwork in their architectures, mystical beliefs etc. people can find dragon artwork to represent their wisdom, strength and beliefs.People can see dragon artwork in their country's imperial places, public parts etc.


Nine-dragon wall is an example of a dragon art. It is the most popular tourist place in Beijing. Nine-dragon wall has also been one of the place of worship for those who love dragons.This has been on for the last 200 years.It contains a gigantic sculpture of dragon, which mounted on the wall. It is 15 meter high and 21 meter long. This wall is comprised of 434 seven -color ceramic titles drawing. Massive crowds come every day to look to this incredible piece of artwork.


Another example of dragon artwork is an none other than the dragon sculpture, which represents a mysterious secret, can found in temple of Kyoto of Japan. The temple consist a dragon, which is large, represents power and mystery. People can see this dragon on the ceiling of temple. It has believed that it contains some magical qualities. Not in china, dragon artwork seen in many countries so in short, dragon artwork represents culture influence of many countries.