This artwork is predominantly found in the Chinese and Japanese culture. Main theme of the artwork is fish painting. According to the culture of Chine and Japan, fish brings wealth as pronunciation of fish same as that of the word 'wealth' means. Therefore, many of the Chinese people maintain koi fish in fishponds at home to bring fortune. However, the peoples who are not able to maintain the fishponds in the house make use koi paintings. Many gardens in China are often beautified with images of koi fish for whole year.


One will get various types of the Koi artwork. These types are inclinations; peaceful songs, water garden, twilight country yard, the meeting, and many more. All these paintings are fine art paintings. Inclination artwork has elegant koi fish paintings in various colors. Inclination art shows charming colored, slowly swimming fish in pond whereas peaceful song is the panorama of calm and romantic place besides the lake. Water garden is the elegant work made for home d├ęcor. These entire types of the koi artwork are best for home furnishings along with carrying the fortune.


All the koi artwork has different features and therefore each artwork becomes distinct and attractive. Many of the paintings are printed on special aluminum composite substrate and UV protected to withstand in unfavorable conditions. These artworks then are beautifully finished with canvas texture. Because of this finishing, the artwork becomes more attractive and beautifies the surroundings.


If you look around you will find that market has been overflow with various types of the koi artwork. You will get the koi artwork in the form of paintings on different canvas. Some of the koi art manufacturers present this art on eggs of ostrich besides painting on canvas. Every manufacturer has unique style of presentation and because of this, people gets attracted towards the paintings. Many of the manufacturers present ancient Chinese paintings of the koi.


Variety of koi paintings attracts both types of people those believe in fortune and art. People who want to purchase the paintings for good luck have choice of either ancient paintings and modern paintings where as people who like to decorate the home with modern paintings can select paintings from various types of the art. They can select paintings or other forms of the art. All the various parts will give the elegant touch to the interior.


Other than market, you can visit different galleries and museums to witness this type of artwork. You will get a wide range of collections of the artwork in galleries and museums. You will find koi artwork from ancient time to till this date in the museums and galleries. Because of dazzling and charming colors of the koi fish, the artwork has become famous among the people. Paintings of the koi fish creates calm and refreshing environment in the house.