Art of imagination is also known as the Fantasy art. Therefore this art is called as the universal language of images and focus around unseen forces and life mystery. It is considered that fantasy art has been developing from African magic, Greek mythology, Chinese folklore and other scared traditions.


Observation of the real word and imagination power gives birth to the fantasy art. Generally fantasy paintings consist of the unreal, fantastic, wild thinker fantasy, capricious and dreamy paintings. Usually dreamers as well as imaginative artist practice for this art.


Paintings of the Dutch artist were the mile stone paintings and none other paintings were in comparison with them. The most famous paintings of this painter are a triptych of the Garden of Eden and The garden of Earthy delight. In the painting of triptych of the Garden of Eden painter showed some nude people romping around a giant fruit. Painter has shown sumptuous naked enigmatic by the appeal of world of the flesh.


In the paintings of interpretation of garden painter illustrated origin sin of Adam and Eve designed for hell. This painting is blend of the innocence and haunting poetic beauty. After this during 20th century became more expanded and have been accepted as legal style of art making. Because of modernization and invention of photograph in around 18th century gave rise to the fantasy art work. But during this century realistic representational art starts to lose its direction as well as purpose.


From the classic Roman time realistic and representational art was on the top in Western paintings. Some of the artist during developments process came with sophisticated a painting technique that reduces the picture frame with accurate perspective. But after invention of the photography people left with the portraits and paintings to store their memories. This invention of the photography challenge the artistic more different ways for their fantasy and artwork.


This turned peoples towards different types of styles in the paintings like abstraction, expressionism, cubism, surrealism and fantasy. This gave greater meaning as well as purpose to their art. After this artist were trying to paint unseen and imaginary images. This results in to the paintings into small brush strokes, or dots of the colors. After these artists gets inspired with new science theories of light particles, atoms along with some unseen elements that all were the part of universe.


Many artists were interested in displaying emotions along with working of paint strokes, color expressions, and painting structures of art. These paintings are no more real looking but were different and more meaningful. This work was related to the new science psychologies along with Asian and African artwork. After this many artists try to discover the inner side of the world that is called as unconscious. This was real but invisible. But these pictures were matching the dreamy images. This art became the fantasy art. This way the fantasy art gave the new vision in the world of art.