Egyptian artwork consists of images, drawings, sculptures. They depict images of daily life routines; these images are much focused on topics related to death and the after life. While looking to these images people may think that the Egyptian were obsessed with death, but in reality, they even have some artwork related to music as well as dancing.


Some examples of Egyptian artwork in which you can see, on the heads of musicians some cones made of perfumed wax. You can also see in some images that, as the heat from the room and women bodies melts the wax, it releases scent into their hair.


Some Egyptian artworks show the human-life cycle through a tree, in which, birds represents different stages of human cycles. The life cycle has shown in different birds such as gray light birds represent infancy, red birds represent childhood, green birds represent youth, blue birds represent adulthood and orange bird represents old age of human life cycle.


You can also see through the tree life images, which represents various stages of human cycles in which first four stages of human stages faces to east but birds representing old age face to west that depicts a stage when humans are approaching death.


In ancient artwork represented by various directions such as this, represents east as the direction of life because sun rises in the east. West considered as the direction of death because sun sets in the west. It believed that during the night sun travels through the underworld and makes its way to the east; people can see this presentation on authentic egyptian artwork.


People can see Egyptian artwork that is quite different from pyramids and temples of the pharaonic period. If you see Egyptian artwork then you can easily find that Egyptians had built their monuments, this does not mean that they were not aware of aesthetic content. You can see two and three-dimensional images of ancient artwork of Egypt. These images represent meaningful part of cult of the gods and the dead.


People can find most of the ancient artwork of Egypt at their museums or in the books. These artworks are in pieces that appeal to modern artwork.


People can easily find Egyptian culture in their artwork. Most of the artworks influenced by Egyptian society and there was little place left for any artists to put his personal view that which could break the standard norms. You can see Egyptian followed their art design guidelines very strictly at the same time you can see some innovation by artists within certain limits, this is why Egyptian artwork highly regarded.


Despite strict guidelines, Egyptian did not remain static over the time, but they used different variations, innovations despite the limited knowledge of subject.


You can see universe, kings, queens, and people in the Egyptian artwork. Therefore, Egyptian used mankind and its life cycle to make innovative artwork. They used Egyptian symbols to represent them. This artwork represents real presentation of human actions.