There are some distinguished categories of artwork include woodcraft, artwork of earthenware, paintings, work on sculpture, textile artwork & stonework. Among them metal artwork is one of the highly recognized & famous category of craftsmen. The metal artwork includes artistic work on metal like iron, copper, silver and alloys like bronze, bell metal, white metal etc.


Various kinds of metals which are used by the craftsmen like iron, copper, silver & alloy metal like bronze, bell metal & white metal. These metals are used to make a several kinds of items like vessels, pans, utensils, various types of photo frames, sculptures of holy personalities, various figures & animals which are related to the mythology. Several metals which are used in metal artwork to make doorknobs, valves, key chains, decorative metal designs & jewellery items.


Various types of monument are prepared by taking use of lost wax process. The main starting point of this process is creation of wax model of the monument. The next stage is to cover this model with clay; there are holes which are prepared into clay. At the final stage, at the upper stage the metal which is melted is dispensed through the metal. So the effect of this is that the melting of wax takes place. There is the hollow is substituted the hot metal without any human intervention. Finally cooling process of metal takes place & so the final product of metal work is freed from clay & polished.


We can also prepare of the metal artwork of the desired shape & size by pouring metals in moulds. By taking use of soldering, we can attach various parts of metals which are molded. Various processes like enameling, engraving & damascening are used in metal artwork for beautifying metal objects.


We can see the variety of metal artwork worldwide. In some regions of the India, we can see the conventional vessels which are made up of metal like iron & brass. This can see the traditional household metal artwork like crockery, samovars, dishes & trays. There is one kind of metal artwork called as naquashi. In this metal artwork, the complex design patterns like flower-patterned and calligraphic patterns are printed on copper and silver items. The oxidization process is taken place on these complex patterns which put together the designs to stand out from the background.


Another famous metal artwork includes the artwork on metal like brass. Several types of household crockery items like utensils, trays, and bowls are decorated by taking use of complex etching. The electroplating items of brass & copper & items which are made up of white metals are also included in the metal artwork.


The process like engraving & lacquering of brass metal is important step in metal art work. Items such as various design items like bowls, photo frames, boxes and plates etc. Native patterns and natural scenes etc are printed on the surface.


the artwork like Koftagari is one of the type of the metal artwork. In this artwork, there is the encrustation of one metal; to another which is in the form of wire. The best examples of this work is swords, daggers & shields.