When we are all set to plan our interiors, artworks play important role. Classic paintings and murals of some famous painters gives elegant touch to the interior of the room and houses. Tradition of the painting starts in the 12th century. In this century, Europeans brought their memories of the dark Ages to the lime light. In the same period Christianity entered a victorious and new phase of history. People during this period contributed a lot to art.


Later on many of the painters like Michelangelo Buonarroti, Andrea Mantega and Leonado da vinci put in their paintings in this treasure. These painters presented their art of painting which were worthy to get renowned. The famous paintings of these painters are the creation of Adam given by Michelangelo Buonarroti, Ceiling of the camera picta by Andrea Mantega and the most famed Mona Lisa by Leonado da vinci.


These paintings become the mile stones in the art world. These paintings are the ideal paintings and many of the painters are still learning the art according to these paintings.


Painting of Mona Lisa is the 16th century portrait and is the oil painting on a poplar panel. Leonardo Da Vincci came with this painting in the period of Italian resurgence. This painting is arguably famous in the world. Generally paintings of Leonardo Da Vincci were based on realist styles. In these paintings painters gives the actual effects of life.


Another famous art work is of Over Vitebsk, The Violinist gave by famous artist Marc Chagall. Painting style of this painter was Expressionism and cubism. This painter always tried to express some feelings about certain things. Expressionism is the way of painting in which painters used to sketch exactly as what they want to present. Some of the paintings like Crucifixion are famous because of the Surrealism. These paintings are based on the dream themes. These paintings are filled with familiar objects which are painted to look mysterious and strange. This skill of Surrealism strikes in the paintings of painter Salvador Dali.


Paul Klee produces famous paintings of Fish Magic, Around the Fish, and Landscape with Yellow Birds. Typically these paintings are based on the theme of Primitive as well as Surrealist. In the primitive style are the arts done by the children and these paintings are painted in simple or two dimensional way.


Well-known paintings like Chaple of the Rosary in Vence, The Snail, and Beasts of the sea and Creole Dancer are based on the theme of Fauvism. This theme had bright and unusual colors. Generally they were bright and wild. Unfortunately this art lasts only around four years. Famous painter Henri Matisse brought this theme in to the lime light.


Pablo Picasso came with the style called Cubism which is the modern art and is not supposed to look real. The famous paintings of this painter are Guernica, Three Musicians.


The paintings become the landmarks as they are finished with different touch of themes and expressions. These painters brought up the themes and still modern painters are using them.