Let me warn you first- At the end of this article you may say that if we had to follow all the advice mentioned in this article we would never be able to monetize our sites with the use of ads. Yes, this s difficult. There is a fine balance between presenting the content of your website and also trying to gain something by means of ads. But, this article just tends to say the in the bid to earn through ads, often website owners put so many disturbing and annoying ads that eventually drive out the visitors. Now, let me tell you something about the various types of ads which we see everyday on the net.

You must have noticed that there are many different types of ads on the web world. Some of them are subtle, but some of them just aren't – in fact, after a while, the ads at some sites can annoy you enough that you'll either block them out entirely or leave the website. Do you want your readers to be turned off by ads on your website too? Probably you want to have ads on your website without annoying your visitors while browsing your website. Avoiding the following types of ads can be useful-


Pop ups are easily one of the most annoying ad types: these open a new browser window to display, and force you to close them before you can continue viewing the main site. Now, most of the web browsers have a feature which does not allows ads to pop-up. This means that most of your readers will not get to see your ‘pop-up’ ads and even if they do they would be annoyed by them.

Floating Ads and Takeovers

The advent of pop-up blocking software has meant that pop-ups have virtually been replaced by floating ads and website 'takeovers' – that is, ads produced using Flash which appears on top of the page you're seeing, hiding the main content. These ads are even more annoying than pop-ups, because they usually don't come up with a close button for a few seconds after they appear, and missing it slightly can cause the advertiser's site to appear. A reader can be easily driven crazy by such ads and will want to avoid your website completely.


Interstitials are a popular form of high-revenue advertising. The principle is that an ad is displayed on a full-page before the content, and then the user has to click through from there to get to the page they want. This annoys users who might be looking for some information – this form of ads work on sites where you have something exclusive to offer, like an exclusive story or a video. If used effectively, they can be a big revenue generator.

If you make the use of interstitials for your webpage, make sure you don't track them using cookies, as this will cause users with cookies disabled to see the ad far more times than they would like to. You can use Javascript to make sure that the ad disappears automatically and quickly, without the user having to click through – this makes them far less annoying.

Animated Ads

Animated GIFs have become popular on the web and one of the reasons is their overuse in advertising. Animated GIFs ads cycle rapidly through garish colors flashing text, and sometimes these even appear move around to draw the viewer’s attention. However, it draws attention only for the wrong reasons-to turn off the viewers from the site. Modern animated ads using Flash can even have sound, although this is quite rare, as even the advertisers don't want to annoy people that much. But still some ‘smart’ people use this. Please do avoid these.

In a bid to increase revenues people generally go overboard in the use of ads. I understand you have to monetize your site and the use of ads is imperative for that but think from the point of view of a reader and then place ads. A simple, informative ad can do wonders for your site without distracting your viewers.