Most of the sites today use databases to organize and arrange their content which also allows users to register and leave comments. Even though databases are fairly commonly used, they are still not well understood. When you use a database on the internet for your website, you shouldn’t go for any database: you should go for concepts built up over decades of database development and proven effective. Here are some of helpful database ideas.

Relational Databases - These are easily the most common databases used now. Here, data is stored in tables. The columns are called fields and the rows are called records. A table can have two fields: firstname and lastname. Here the 'relational' part is in fact noteworthy, though, is when it comes to the way tables in a database relate to the other tables. Each record of each table has an ID number (theoretically known as the 'primary key') which then lets you refer to the record in a new table.

SQL Databases-SQL stands for 'Structured Query Language' and is the most popular language for making queries to relational database systems. A query is basically a way of asking the database to find a record for you that matches the criteria mentioned.

Learning SQL entirely can be complex but that difficulty is helped by the fact that you can have your way by knowing a very few SQL commands as you are unlikely to use many. Some of the common commands are:

CREATE- This command is used to create new database tables. You just tell the database the fields (columns) you want, and the type of data (text, dates, etc.) each field is going to contain.

SELECT- This command is used to search tables. You make use of operators like =, < and > to find the record you want.

INSERT- This command allows you to add new records to the table.

DELETE- This command removes existing rows from the table. This command uses similar syntax as used in the command ‘SELECT’.

Knowing the databases well would help you to sort out any problems, if any arises.