Remember the 3 golden words of the big world of web - CONTENT IS KING

In the process of mastering stylish graphic designs, CSS and web languages, many web-designers forget the basic rules of the web and ignore content. Content is what will bring in the visitors. No design however wonderful or no format however beautiful can bring in the visitors if the content is not up to the mark. Simply stated, your visitors are at your website to get information.

Users use search engine to find you-Recent research has shown that around 90% of users have a search engine website as their homepage, and thus use it for most of the things they do on the internet. So, most of your users are likely to reach your site through a search engine. Most of these people would be looking for information on some or the other thing. There's a reason why the internet is referred to as the 'information superhighway'. Search engines will throw up your site in the search results list on the basis of the content and not the design.

Relevant and Informative Articles-So, if your site is into selling products, you should provide informative articles about your product for your potential customers. If you can build a larger group of people reading your articles, the more sales conversions you're going to get. If you provide your readers with relevant and well-written information, you instantly create the kind of loyalty that no number of advertising dollars can buy.

Some followers of 'Search Engine Optimization' never seem to realize this: you cannot fake good content. You may fool the search engine results by having a x number of keywords but not the visitors they’ll bring in.

Writing is not your cup of tea- Many people claim that writing is not their cup of tea and they seldom find time to write good articles. Yes, I agree that writing is time consuming. But what you must know is that there are many ways to solve this problem, such as hiring a freelance writer to do some of the work for you or buying content from people who resell it. There are even sites offering content for free in exchange for a link back to them at the bottom of the article, although you need to be careful about reviewing the quality of content offered through this route. And once you have got good content, don’t forget to update your content regularly. This is very important not just from a search engine perspective but also to get repeat audiences.

Content can get Cash too- Believe me, it’s very much possible to make good money from quality content and you need not have to sell products to make money. You can consider Google Adsense for this purpose. A good content can bring in the visitors while a good design can help that visitor stay on your site and come again.