Every business needs an impressive logo that will look good on their business cards, website banners, correspondence and for all their online publishing needs.


Designs-By-Jon.com has some great logos that are reasonably priced. If you're in the business, entertainment, finance, or music field you'll want to check out our logo store. Every logo in our store includes .png, .psd and .bmp files.


Your logo should reflect your business needs. When designing your logo what descriptive words describe your business? Write down the impressions you want your business to reflect when your customer thinks about you.


Every font has it's own personality; Sans Serif is considered modern, Serif looks very elegant, Script (sometimes hand drawn and scanned into the computer) looks informal and friendly. Adding shapes to your graphic helps to define what business you are in, while different shapes create a look and feel that gives you an instant impression of that business.


Most people know within a few seconds of looking at a design whether it resonates with them. Your logo design reflects the personality and traits of your business. When you look at a logo, it is like a memory jogger. People when they think of buying a service or product remember by first impressions.


Try this memory excercise. when you first enter a room, close your eyes and try and remember what you just saw. What do you remember about the room. When you open your eyes, did you see everything in the room? What strong details did you remember and why do you think you remembered them?


Now look at several logo designs, place them in front of you. Close your eyes and try and see which one impresses you the most. When you know why the logo impresses you, try writing out the descriptive phrases that made you want to see that particular logo in your minds eye. By looking at a lot of logo designs you'll soon find one that is a match for your business needs.