Do you play golf? Do you play with a team? If so, you should consider printing your own shirts. Compare the cost of doing it yourself to having someone else do it for you. Most people assume you need to have some software to make their own shirt, but that my friend is a myth.

Sure, they make shirt printing software, but it is not a necessity in making your own shirt. First you need to make sure you have what you'll need which is a computer, paper, inkjet printer and an iron. Be certain to purchase high-quality transfer paper and ink. The price of the ink and paper are worth it if you want a high quality end result.

If you have this equipment, consider what kind of golf shirts you want to print on. Light colors are more easily printed on. You also need to consider just what it is you want to put on your shirt. If you are creative, you could design your own logo with your name or the team's name, etc. If you are not the creative type you can pick a design from the shirt printing software.

For example, you could find tee shirt printing software that best suits your needs and pick one of their many designs. T-Shirt Design Kit sells for around twelve dollars and comes packed with pre-designed templates and over four thousand clip art images for you to choose from.

Or you can work on your creative side and try to create your own with the twenty different fonts they also offer. With this software you just buy the transfer paper and after you print your design simply iron it on to your shirt(s). Just like that you have your very own custom golf shirt that you can proudly say you made yourself when people compliment on it!

Hanes Sublimation Maker is shirt printing software that is easy to use and offers many templates to choose from as well as borders, fonts, 3-D effects and backdrops! This software was designed for the basic computer user to be able to use and catch on quickly and easily. This shirt printing software also has over two thousand designs and four thousand clip art images. It is highly recommended and affordable.

Are you easily discouraged? Do you get overwhelmed with trying new things? If you find using software too complicated and over your head or frustrating, consider looking up your local shirt printing software companies that can print your golf shirts for you.

Be sure to make a list of each companies price quote. Find out if they have a minimum order before asking any other questions. Nobody likes to go through the whole process of what and why they need a service just to find out they cannot receive that service unless they order a certain quantity of items.

Only ask this if you do not want more than one. Otherwise you can skip it and get straight to the good questions. Whatever the case just be sure to do your research and enjoy playing your golf in style!