Canada has few t-shirt printing companies whether you are looking to make one of your own or one for someone else. Maybe you are even thinking of starting one yourself and want to know what your competition would be. There is no better way than to visit the other companies without letting on of your intentions to find out what you need to do to be competitive and successful.

Pure Couture is a Canadian t-shirt printing company designed for people of all ages that has only been in business since 2005. Not many years of experience but you want to focus on the respect they have been given by the community and other retail t-shirt printing companies.

Mics Printspot is another local Canadian t-shirt printing company. They print shirts as well as many other accessories and apparel. This company started in 1995 and has staff with over 10 years of printing experience so you can be assured you will receive great quality service. If you are looking to start your own T shirt printing company in Canada hopefully this article will help you. You should make a business plan and use the other companies' services at least once to find out what they have that you could offer better. Whatever they don't have, if anything, you could work on offering that service better.

If you have no t-shirt printing experience do not become overwhelmed when you first start. Remember everyone has to start somewhere and more than likely they went through the same obstacles you are or will be.

Any business can seem overwhelming but a way to lessen that feeling is to do your homework on what you need to do before you start. Do not chance getting halfway ready to open your business and then get stumped because you missed a step, etc.

You could even visit these other companies and ask to talk to the owner or whoever established the business. Ask about an interview with them so you can find out how they went about it all. Try not to let on you might be the competition because that will make it a little harder to find out what you want to know. If you want to start out small, which is better, you will only need a few basic supplies. You need to decide if you want to buy heat presses to put the graphics on the shirt. You can also have irons if you plan to start with a few employees.

More than likely, you will not be completely swamped at first. You could start with regular irons in this case. When you start to get more customers, review your budget and consider getting a press machine or two.

You want to have your computers set up to make the designs. Have room for your employees to work comfortably. Or, do it all yourself at first for awhile if you have no other important obligations on your plate already.

You will want to set up a price guide to display for your customers. You could have an extra computer set up for them to use if they wish. Letting them create their design right there in the office is a great idea. People will be more comfortable doing business with you this way. Try to determine a turnaround time. You do not want to tell the customer a day later if you know you won't be able to do it. If you want to provide fast service at high quality, you need to know what your capabilities are. Always set one more day than the amount you think it will take you. There is a less chance of it being late this way.

Try to make note of everything you need to do to grow your business and help it become successful. Work hard and enjoy yourself, you deserve it!