A spark of goodness created all of us, so a poet said. In like manner, all of us have that creative spark. In some of us this spark is pronounced, in most, it has to be cultivated. Nonetheless, it is always there whether admitted or not. We feel it all the time. This is why we strive to pamper our senses. This is why all of us are drawn to the beautiful, the grand, and the majestic. We can never be fully satisfied until we create. And until we learn to create, we will always stand in awe to those who do never knowing that we have the same quality in us.

Failure is an Ally

It is painful to admit that. Wish it were not so but wishing would not change that. Vincent Van Gogh for all the worth of his paintings now, only sold one commissioned painting in his lifetime out of the numerous masterpieces that he did. A portrait not very well received by the patron but paid nonetheless. Picasso, Monet, Degas, Renoir, Goya, name it, all have struggled at first until masterpiece after masterpiece were made, accepted, and praised by the public.

A spider can spin a web right after it is hatched and a deer can leap a few moments after it is born but for all our superiority, we have to learn, struggle and learn some more if not from previous mistakes, from the mistakes of others until a task is as perfect as our limitations would allow us to be.

With so little time

A cliché goes "We live and learn" until a wisecrack added, "by the moment we learned it will almost be too late to live". If that is the parameter by which achievements have to be set, then nothing created will have been created. The truth is art is created for the sake of creating, nothing more. Art is a reward in itself. It does not matter if it is recognized nor condemned, praised or ridiculed. History has proven time and again that the opinion of the majority is not always right.

And so Express Yourself

Because you are a co-creator, create. Lives are lived more fully when we create. It is good if the talent is already there if not, it often comes after trying but even if it is said that there is none, who cares. Not every master has the talent when they were just starting. The talent is developed in a manner by which intelligence is also developed. But even when the talent never grows to the level desired, art is still a good way to express oneself. It is a release; it is relaxation and developing focus and coordination. It is development of tastes and expressions that otherwise would have remained dormant. In art, the person runs an entire gamut of experiences translated to tangible forms sometimes known only to him.

It is the only known human activity that to be effective does not require much brain as much as gut activity. More than anything else, it is spiritual and intuition development. An experience that brings us closer to the spark of goodness that created all of us.