Just like with all other features of a human face, it’s important that you don’t draw preconceived ideas that you may have regarding eyes. Since eyes are said to be the windows to the soul of a person, it reflects a lot regarding the personality and emotionality of the subject. Thus, it’s very important that you draw it just the way it is.

There are a lot of things that you can know about the various parts of the human eye. However, here are some of the basic guidelines that would allow you to learn to draw eyes correctly.

Complexity And Parts

Just like ears, the eyes are complex too in regard to form. Thus, you have to be patient when drawing it. Take necessary time to finish it and try to make it realistic as you can. Take note of the important portions of the eye. Here are some of them:

- eyebrows

- eyeball

- eyelids

- eyelashes

- pupil

- iris

- surrounding bone structure

Bone Structure

For the gross structure of the eye, make sure that the eyeball is sitting deep inside of the eye socket. Also, make sure that the eye socket would have a protruding rim on its top. This is where the eyebrow would be placed. You could simply trace your finger around the socket to get a good idea of what shape it should be. It’s within the perimeters of this some what rectangular shape where you would be drawing the main eye.


You should give the eyeball a spherical and large appearance. At its front would be an egg shaped protruding bulge. This is where the lens would be located. Atop the eyeball, you can find the eyelids. It is stretched over the top potion of the eyeball.

In drawing, the most important part of the eyeball would be the white portion of the eye. In reality, these do not really have a pure white color. They also have shadows in them. So, remember that the shape you are aiming for would be a sphere. So, try to make a sphere that has some shading for it to become a realistic eyeball.


For the eyelids, it was said that it is stretched above the eyeball. Thus, the eyeball curvature would be the one to give the lids their shape. You should understand and memorize this factor. It is also vital that you exactly capture the eyelid line shape. Observe that they generally follow the eyeball curvature. Take note that every time eyelids are retracted, they have a clearly visible crease that should be accurately rendered.

Lastly, see the odd little shape situated on the inside corner of your eye where the lower and upper eyelids join. Make sure that you draw this shape as how you have had seen it with your subject.


Make sure that eyelashes are sprouting out from the eyelids and not anywhere else from the eye. These usually grow in clumps. Thus, draw them that way. Spend some time how they grow and the direction they are going. Take note that there is a difference in size for eyelashes at the bottom lid compared to the upper lid. The ones on the upper lid are larger. Since they come from a clump, they are also usually entangled.


Dogs are very lovable creatures. This is why they have become a favourite by artists to draw. There are different ways in which you can draw a dog, since there are also different kinds of dogs out there. However, there are still general factors that you should consider when drawing them. Here are the things you should know if you want to learn to draw dogs.

Drawing A Cartoonish Dog

If you’ll be teaching children how to draw, one of the best subjects to start with would be a dog. This is because children love dogs and they are quite familiar with how one would look like. For kids, a cartoon dog would be just right.

Basic Body Parts

First you should draw four circles. Put one circle on top of another, overlapping each other by about 1/3. Make the top most circle the smallest and as you go down, make the next circle slightly bigger than the previous. Align them vertically. However place the second circle from the most top a bit off centered to the left. The top circle would be your dog’s head. The second one, which is off-centered, would be his snout. The lowest two would be your dog's body.

Add Some Ears

Draw the ears. Pick one spot on the upper right portion of its head and draw a sharp triangular arc going outwards. From the same point, draw another triangular arc but this time a bit higher than the previous one. Close them off by a curved line. This is your right dog ear. Do the same on the left side. This time, make sure that the arc would be going out towards the left.

Add Some Eyes

Give your dog eyes. Draw two small circles within his head and just about above his snout. This would be his eyes. Add two half circles above and around his eyes. These would serve as his eye brows. If you want a happy dog, then keep the half circles a bit high and cur curvaceous for a bright disposition. However, if you want your dog to be sad, replace these arcs with diagonal lines going towards the center. If you want him to be mad, replace the arcs with just one long zigzagging line across his forehead.

Give Him A Nose

Now draw another small circle that is concentric to second circle, which is the one that would stand out as your dog’s snout. This would be the tip of his nose. Place the nose tip a bit off-centered to the left.

Add The Legs

Draw his legs. This dog is basically in a sitting position. Thus, his front legs would be straight while his hind legs should be folded. Place these on the lowest circle. The hind legs should be sticking out from both sides of the body, while the two front legs are both occupying the center portion of the lowest circle. Do not forget to give him paws too. Put paws on the end of the legs by drawing a fat “m” like figure and closing it off on its bottom portion.

Add Some Details And Clean Up

Add the details of his body, such as neck and mouth. For the neck, find the right angle in which you can create a slightly diagonal line from the snout circle to the upper body or 3rd circle. The mouth should be under his nose. Lastly, you should clean up by erasing sketch lines which are not really needed for your dog’s body.